John Richards

Film & TV Editor

Back in London

by Nov 14, 2014Blog0 comments

Nice to be in Soho once again as the Christmas season starts but the  gloss quickly fades after a week of overcrowded trains and two hours a day commuting. At least it’s awards season and there are loads of screenings to see. Gone Girl is classic Fincher. It’s not Seven but it’s great to see a film that doesn’t fit the exec check list of which character is the hero and who should the audience root for. Whiplash is also very good, even if you’re not a jazz fan. I think they stretch the cruel to be kind mentor relationship right to the unbelievable point. Some will say past it. However, the performances are terrific and demanding. Noah, on the other hand is shocking. None of us set out to make a bad film but I would not have liked to be in the first exec screening of the cut of this train wreck. I can hear someone saying, “we’ve paid how much?”