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Doctor Who – Mummy on the Orient Express

by Oct 9, 2014Doctor Who0 comments


In the future, the twelfth Doctor (Peter Capaldi) and Clara (Jenna Coleman) board the iconic Orient Express, an exact replica of the original… except for one very important detail. It’s in space!

Trying to enjoy one last adventure together after the events of Kill the Moon, the Doctor and his companion realise that nothing is ever quite what it seems, as a nightmarish mummy stalks the passengers of the cabin. Stranger still, the creature can only be seen by its victims, and once they have seen it, they only have 66 seconds left to live. The Doctor has faced countless monsters before, but never anything quite like this. After all, how do you defeat an enemy you can’t see?

First Broadcast: BBC One, 11th October 2014

Written by: Jamie Mathieson

Directed by: Paul Wilmshurst