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Plots HR1

Plots with a View – Hollywood Reporter

Plots with a view – Hollywood Reporter The Bottom Line. By Duane Byrge. Both warm and bilious, this scrumptiously daffy comedy is a deliciously dark, frothy amusement. Funerals have a way of bringing people together, and in this  balmy case, it’s romance. A dr, comedy backdropped by the crazed competition between to Welsh funeral homes, […]

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VS Variety Review

Virtual Sexuality – Variety

Virtual Sexuality -By Derek Elley Bright eyed and self-confident, down to its short skirts and tousled leisurewear, “Virtual Sexuality” ia a Brit chick-flick with attitude. Aimed at a microscopic slice of the local population (female, mid-teens), and likely to make anyone beyond that feel more than their years, pic about a lovelorn girl’s disastrous attempt […]

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Strike Back Times Square

Strike Back Reviews

. WASHINGTON POST: “A vigorous sprint across a macho minefield… a surprisingly stylish and addictive new counterterrorism series…. really a study in successfully crossing a minefield of testosterone clichés, barely avoiding a “MacGyver” here and a Vin Diesel there and Guy Ritchie project over there. As the action moves to Mumbai, something about the show […]

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