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Thoughts and musings from the Butcher of Cardiff.
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The Fault in our Stars

Not the sort of film I would have made a point of seeing but my younger daughter, Catrin, loved it. She said it was the first film she cried in. Now that’s the easiest emotion to get from an audience. Make them love a puppy and kill it, they’ll reach for the tissues. But my […]

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Directors Cut

Directors cut is out of the door and it’s been a very different process to normal, at least for me. Movies and Cable TV are not like Free to air channels. But the response from NBC execs has been glowing and limited in the number of fixes they want.  Like everyone on the show, Ciaran, […]

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Ouarzazate storms

Terrible weather in Morroco

News from the set of A.D. is not good. The weather is terrible. Huge amounts of rain with the road to Marrakech being washed away in the Atlas Mountains. There are many fatalities in the region. At Fint, the river is many meters higher than when I was there. The villagers have been cut off […]

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I loved it. I know this movie is a Marmite and as someone who works in the industry, I should get worried by the multiple acts, quantity of exposition, iffy science, deafening sound mix with inaudible dialogue etc etc…. but I loved it. I went on the ride, wobbled a couple of times, but the […]

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Movies this week

First up of BAFTA screenings this week is Fury. It’s good, kept me in the story for its two hours  but I can’t help feeling I’ve seen it before, not exactly this story but close. Brad does a fine job in making it a different role to the movies centerer on similar  characters but it […]

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Fine Cutting

A.D. has a very tight post schedule, mostly due to a much earlier air date than originally planned. More people are needed which means less editing and more supervising. Not as much creativity needed but more logistics. However, fine cutting the first ep will test both skills. I’m told we have already paid for three commercials […]

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Back in London

Nice to be in Soho once again as the Christmas season starts but the  gloss quickly fades after a week of overcrowded trains and two hours a day commuting. At least it’s awards season and there are loads of screenings to see. Gone Girl is classic Fincher. It’s not Seven but it’s great to see […]

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Time to put the shoes back on

The cutting room in Ouarzazate suffers from a poor mains electric supply. Not only do we have power cuts that causes Gez, our first, to burst into a panic and shut down the computers before the UPS run down. But we are also getting lots of low level electric shocks and tingles. Touch any two […]

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BAFTA 2014 Success

BAFTA 2014 Success Huge congratulations to Tom Riley and Chris Forster On this years BAFTA Cymru Awards BEST ACTOR Tom Riley won the Best Actor award for his portrayal of Leonardo Da Vinci in the hit Starz TV series Da Vinci’s Demons Watch the category announcement at the Awards Ceremony  and Best Short Film Chris Forster […]

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