Movies this week

First up of BAFTA screenings this week is Fury. It’s good, kept me in the story for its two hours  but I can’t help feeling I’ve seen it before, not exactly this story but close. Brad does a fine job in making it a different role to the movies centerer on similar  characters but it doesn’t touch like Tom Hanks in Saving Private Ryan or Damien Lewis in Band of Brothers. The sound was fantastic, film sound but a real part of the story. VFX frequently made me think I was on the Battle Star Galactica in the middle  of a laser shootout. Spoiler aleart but the editor in me would have ended the film several shots earlier. Looking down at Norman pointing his gun up is clearly the final shot to me. The film is about the Pitt character, not Norman. The steadycam into the ambulance is good but unnecessary, the final pull out is only good for the very last few moments.
Inherent Vice is directed by Paul Thomas Anderson from a book by Thomas Pynchon. A very interesting film that seems to break so many rules but adheres to the highest rule that it’s only emotional continuity that is important.  It’s essentially a love story but the fog of 1970 LA drug culture permeates the relationships and the film. Great performances, particularly from Joaquin and Josh. I loved the scenes all shot in one take, I think there are three, and from what was said in the Q&A there was coverage shot. Which illustrates my belief that the decision not to cut is every bit as important as when to cut. Much as I enjoyed the film and find myself continuing to think about it days later, it’s not a movie I could have edited.

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