Doctor Who – The Runaway Bride – Christmas Special 2006

TheRunawayBrideChristmas Special featuring David Tennant as the Doctor.  Featuring Catherine Tate as Donna, who was introduced to us in the previous episode.  This nonstop roller coaster of an episode starts with Donna appearing in the TARDIS in a wedding dress.  Catherine plays the part of an angry bride who instantly accuses the Doctor of kidnapping her and demands to be returned.

On the way they encounter Robot Santas who are set on destroying Donna.  The Doctor realises that it is becuase Donna has absorbed a large amount of huon particles.

Donna’s workplace is owned by the Torchwood Institute.  He finds a secret basement which tunnels under the Thames.  The machines that create the huon particles are hidden here and there is a tunnel that lead to the Earth’s core.

Here they find the last of the Racnoss, the Empress, who is attempting to use the huon particle saturated Donna to revive her race…

A real treat for fellow Doctor Who fans who will recognise a lot of the locations including David Morgans on St Mary Street which could well be London, you may also notice scenes shot below the Heath Hospital and local houses.

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